Infinite Coles is someone special. With a huge heart and genuine sweetness, he spreads love and inspiration wherever he goes. In fact, he's so sweet that he went by the name 'SweetFaceKillah' on Instagram for awhile, a nod to his lineage as the son of Wu-Tang's Ghostface Killah (and RZA's nephew). He's now making a name for himself via his awesome birth name, Infinite, with a promising music career ahead of him. Infinite debuted to the world in the 2015 Dazed film "Gang", and then went on to get involved in the fashion scene, modeling for us as well as NY-based brands like Whatever 21 and Gypsy Sport. He graced the runway for WE ARE MORTALS at queer fashion week in NY (check it out here), and our brand was also mentioned in his feature in NYLON magazine. 

Infinite's passion, however, is singing. He's been taking his time developing his music and surrounding himself with musicians he can learn from and grow with, but now he's finally given us a glimpse of his vocal talent on Everything is Recorded, a special project from Richard Russel, head of London's XL Recordings. The standout track is "Bloodshot Red Eyes" featuring Infinite's vocals, which received over a million plays in just the first couple months since it's release Feb. 2018 and was described as 'gorgeous' by Pitchfork. We agree, it's absolutely beautiful. 

We shot these photos of Infinite awhile back as inspiration for our second collection's embroidered voguing design, and also caught him showing off dance moves in our Liquid Metal tank (see video below). Infinite is our muse because we admire his story and perspective on life. It wasn't easy coming to terms with being a gay, feminine male within a culture of legendary rappers and their masculine ideals... but as Infinite always says, once he started believing in himself and expressing who he was without fear, all the doors opened up for him. Confidence is everything, and we love how Infinite does confidence with a large helping of sweetness.

Video by Jeannette Deron



Published: October 2017, Edited February 2018

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