We're so thrilled to debut our official lookbook for this first mini-collection, including this dope video that brings the brand to life and shows our MORTALS in action! Over the past year designer/owner Anji has worked relentlessly so see her vision through to this point. It's been a long process running everything independently; from designing to promoting, running a successful Kickstarter campaign, and finally going into production. Now that we've finally launched the first line for retail, we couldn't be happier and more ready for the next steps! Over this past year we've seen the 'non-gendered' concept explode on runways and in the magazines, so we know that we've laid the foundation for a brand that is part of a much bigger movement and has the potential to put this all-inclusive, gender-free message concretely into your hands.

The incredible team that helped put this lookbook together will always be a special part of the birth of WE ARE MORTALS. Shooting this campaign was such a blast, and it was clear that we found a group of people for this collaboration that are not only very talented, but also believe in our message and want to support our vision. We're starting small and gradually building the brand each step of the way, so we're excited to expand from here and start working on our next collection which will take this concept to a whole different level with new designs that stretch way further! 

MODELS: Oly Maly + King Saturn + Dru Acosta + Malcom Robinson

VIDEO: Jeannette @oyejeannette

STYLIST: Edward Long

MAKEUP: Sara Tagaloa

HAIR: Malcom Robinson

MUSIC CREDITS: Mix by D.el-ay  featuring tracks by Visionist (Can't Forget) and M.E.S.H. (Imperial Sewers)   



Published: February 2016

Anji BeckerComment