It feels like a new era. Something big is happening culturally revolving around the theme of gender, and we've landed right in the middle of it. Stepping back to look at what's happening in society right now, it's apparent that the gender binary that has gone unquestioned for so long is finally being turned upside down. The very same week that WE ARE MORTALS launched our Kickstarter campaign to spread our message The Future Has No Gender, Caitlyn Jenner caused a huge buzz by debuting to the world in Vanity Fair. Other celebrity pioneers pushing boundaries include little Shiloh Jolie Pitt and even Miley Cyrus who just explained to Paper Mag that she considers herself to be completely 'fluid' when it comes to her gender and her sexuality, proving how open-minded the future generation really is. 

WE ARE MORTALS has developed over the past two years while our society as a whole was apparently also moving in this direction. As people begin to realize that gender and biological sex are two different things, we're wondering "what does gender even mean?" If gender is basically the roles that we play in life, the clothes we wear, our mannerisms, etc., then gender is just a human creation - a cultural system that we invented. Although gender-bending personalities have been popular in the music and entertainment industries for a long time now and androgyny has long been an appealing theme on the fashion runways, the idea of being gender-fluid isn't something that has been accepted in 'real-life'. Off the runways, in real town across the country, young people are suffering and even committing suicide due to lack of acceptance and hatred. Finally, it looks as though change may be coming. According to sources such as, our identities are becoming more vague and fluid. “We’re moving more and more towards post-demographic consumerism, which means people are constructing their own identities more freely than ever. Consumption patterns are no longer defined by ‘traditional’ demographic segments such as age, gender, location, income, family status and more”. 

Naturally, clothing will respond to this emerging mindset. Recently Jaden Smith, began wearing dresses and skirts and tweeting about it in an effort to challenge the outdated his/hers formula that has traditionally limited our fashion choices. As genderless apparel quickly becomes a rising trend across the fashion industry, WE ARE MORTALS strives to give a voice to the future and establish this imminent wave of change as an accessible idea for all. 

Published: June 2015

Anji BeckerComment