Watch DOUBLE CUP, the debut video from singer Star Grace, featuring clothing pieces from WE ARE MORTALS. We were on set for this one watching the fun go down (see behind-the scenes photos below). Star is a young new artist who writes her own music and plays instruments in addition to singing... she's a real musician with tons of ambition. Best of all, her exceptional intelligence is evident the minute you start talking with her. 

Her dreamy 'neo-soul' first single references the Southern hip-hop culture of drinking lean in styrofoam cups, but her sound is definitely more refined. The concept is a commentary on her generation's constant interaction with media and technology. As Star puts it "we're detached but more attached than ever... to something new". Star wanted to include new brands and designers, like Giacconi Clothing and our own collection 'The Future Has No Gender', in order to represent the new generation of youth and their ideals. In their eyes, gender doesn't matter and self-expression is key. She also wanted to include lots of up-and-coming fashion-forward creatives instead of just focusing on herself. Gathered around the table at the modern-day 'Last Supper' you'll see her crew... a collection of diverse cool-kids, many androgynous or gender-fluid and all with bold style. Some of these unique personalities include Josephine Pearl Lee , Romy X, LuloJonathan Andru, and BabyTrash. We think Star did a wonderful job of getting her message across and speaking what's on these cyber-world kids' minds through her musical vision. 

> Video Directed/Edited by Nayip Ramos, Styled by Shaila Giacconi

> Song Produced by Star Grace and Marko Pen

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