WE ARE MORTALS® is a gender-free brand, made in downtown Los Angeles, that voices the progressive attitude of a new generation who reject the gender binary and all other forms of labeling ourselves. As MORTALS we are all equal and we are one, united through the common thread of our mortality. We are those who don't easily fit into a category, and what we wear is our declaration that we are limitless. 


We began with a series of video interviews on the topic of gender (see below), and evolved into a line of fashion-forward streetwear created for both genders and the gray area in between. Our debut collection "The Future Has No Gender" established the brand as a leader in the genderless fashion movement, receiving substantial press attention and involving the artistic community and its perspective. MORTALS designs have been presented at NYFW and in Paris, and the brand’s second collection “Fluid” is now available.   


Now is the time to construct our own fluid identities free of sexual, gender, and racial classifications.